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Buffalo Bills 2021 NFL Draft Recap - "In Beane We Trust"

Writer: Alex James

Editor: Brandon Caputo

Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again. A time when all fans believe they should be an NFL general manager.

A time when all fans will praise or criticize the professionals for choices made, while providing their own subjective expert opinions on social media and the like.

This article will look more analytically into the draft choices the Bills have made and what we can expect from these players in the 2021-2022 season and the future.


Round 1, Pick 30: DE Gregory Rousseau

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 30th pick of the 2021 draft the Buffalo Bills selected Gregory Rousseau from the University of Miami. Rousseau is a 6’7 defensive end from Coconut Creek, Florida who has played a total of fourteen collegiate football games and sitting-out (respectfully with the pandemic) the 2020-2021 season.

In the fourteen games played, Rousseau had a total of 59 tackles (19½ for loss) and 14½ sacks. Could this be a suitable option for the future of the Buffalo Bills? Absolutely. Rousseau will learn from veterans Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison and keep Epenesa and Oliver on their toes for roster spot competition.

The ceiling can be very high for Rousseau and sure it’s a gamble to draft someone in the first round with limited collegiate snaps. However, we’ve seen the Bills draft another individual ahead of his positional colleagues when there was doubters (oh hey, Josh Allen), so why not wait and see what happens with Rousseau?

What is Bills Mafia opinion on the choice by Beane on Rousseau being our first round pick? A quick scroll through Twitter suggests mixed emotions on the choice and some Bills fans stating confusion as Epenesa and Oliver were our first choices the last 2 years. Most fans however, while stating their transparency, stated to have faith in Bills management, and the coaching staff/veterans to help Rousseau & co., reach their full potential.


Round 2, Pick 61: DE Carlos Basham Jr.

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With the 61st pick of the draft, the Bills selected Carlos “Boogie” Basham Jr., a defensive end from Wake Forest. Basham Jr., played 4 seasons with the Demon Deacons, totalling 173 tackles and 19½ sacks.

He’s a little smaller than Rousseau standing at 6’3 but will nonetheless create a healthy level of competition with other youngsters on the DL.


Round 3, Pick 93: OT Spencer Brown

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In Round 3, Pick 93 the Bills selected offensive tackle Spencer Brown from the University of Northern Iowa. Brown is 6’8½ and known for his athleticism. Enough said.


Round 5, Pick 141: OT Tommy Doyle

Photo Credit:

In Round 5, Pick 161 the Bills selected another offensive tackle, Tommy Doyle from Miami University (Ohio). Listed at 6’8, Doyle played in 31 collegiate games for the RedHawks and adds more size to our offensive line and will generate deeper competition for the linemen ahead of him in the depth chart.


Round 6, Pick 212: S Damar Hamlin

In Round 6, Pick 212 the Bills selected Safety, Damar Hamlin from the University of Pittsburgh. In five collegiate seasons, Hamlin racked up a total of 290 tackles (192 solo), 6 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery.

Hamlin will have trouble cracking the roster with the Poyer & Hyde being guaranteed starters and other safeties Johnson and Thomas ahead of him. However, he will be given every opportunity to prove himself in training camp.


Round 6, Pick 213: CB Rachad Wildgoose

Round 6, Pick 213 the Bills selected cornerback Rachad Wildgoose (clearly the greatest name in the draft),

from the University of Wisconsin. Wildgoose played in 3 collegiate seasons, recording 57 tackles (44 solo) with one interception. With 6 different cornerbacks who played last season (White, Wallace, Jackson, Neal, Johnson & Lewis) still on the roster, the likelihood of Wildgoose seeing the field is low, but will add healthy competition for the defence in pre-season and maybe see some special teams action in the future.


Round 7, Pick 234: G Jack Anderson

Photo Credit:

In Round 7, Pick 236 with the final pick of the 2021 draft for the Buffalo Bills, they selected Offensive guard Jack Anderson from Texas Tech. Standing at 6’5, Anderson started in 31 games for the Red Raiders and will create more depth and competition for the Bills O-line in the next few years, trying to work his way up the depth chart for a roster spot.


In conclusion, if I had to give my subjective opinion

(which isn’t all that knowledgeable) on the Bills draft selections, I would give a B/B+. I believe in the 2021 season, these rookies will have a very limited role for the team, however Beane et al., are looking to create the foundation for our future. Two monster O-linemen selections are critical for the future protection of Allen if they pan out to be NFL starters.

Adding D-linemen & secondary depth is critical for an aging defence in those areas and will teach the rookies over the next couple years. These picks were by no means the ‘flashiest’ choices, but then again, the majority of picks outside the top 10 aren’t. These picks are to encompass what Beane, McDermott & the Pegula’s have set out to do; win a Superbowl and create a winning culture in the great city of Buffalo.

Always Circle those Wagons,

Alex James

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