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NFL Week 11 Spreads & Week 10 Takeaways

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Week 11 Spreads & Over/Under's

By Brandon Caputo & Miklos McMaster

*In a short recap of last week, it wasn't the best for both of us but it also wasn't the worst.

The great debate from last week's pick results was "who copied who's homework?"

Week 10 Spreads

Miklos: 7-5-1

Brandon: 7-5-1

Week 10 Over/Under's

Miklos: 8-3-1

Brandon: 8-3-1


TEN vs BAL (6.0)

Miklos: TEN Over 48.5

Brandon: BAL Over 48.5

- This is a big AFC match up early on Sunday. After the loss to the Patriots the Ravens are in trouble. The Titans are also up against it after their loss to the Colts. You know Mike Vrabel is going to be studying the Week 10 match up against the Patriots and see what Belichick did to shut down Lamar.

Despite the Titans struggles defensively this season, the injuries to Baltimore’s O-line is going to be the difference in this game.

DET vs CAR (Even)

Miklos: CAR

Brandon: CAR

- Detroit is in another pick’em game and that says a lot about Detroit as a team. You never know what you’re going to get with this team and unfortunately its usually disappointing in spite of the heroics of Mat Stafford. That trend is going to continue here.

Even though Teddy Bridgewater might not play and although McCaffery is out again, still love what we've have been seeing out of Carolina and coach Matt Rhule.

Should be noted that Mike Davis has done well in relief at RB during McCaffrey's multiple absences this season.

PHI vs CLE (3.5)

Miklos: CLE Under 46

Brandon: CLE Over 46

- Well, it was ugly but Cleveland managed to get it done against Houston. They have an even grimier match up this week against the Eagles, who are leading the snails race for the NFC East division title in 2020.

Given how they have been able to run the ball with Nick Chubb back, this should be another W for Browns nation.

NE (2.0) vs HOU

Miklos: HOU Under 47.5

Brandon: HOU Under 47.5

- Despite what happened in week 10 and the huge win by the Patriots and are looking for a bounce back game from Houston at home. They have looked much better under Romeo Crennel and Deshaun Watson has the magic to sneak pass the Patriots this week.

PIT (10.0) vs JAX

Miklos: PIT Over 47.0

Brandon: PIT Under 47.0

- Pittsburgh proved last week by easily handling Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. They have another easy match up here in Jacksonville and the perfect season is going to keep rolling in Steel Town.

Another loss is big for the Jaguars, who have to stay in contention for the "Tank For Trevor Lawrence" race with the NY Jets.

ATL vs NO (5.0)

Miklos: NO Over 50.5

Brandon: NO Over 50.5

- New Orleans showed in their game against Tampa Bay that they are gunning for the Super Bowl this year. That being said Drew Brees going down definitely throws a wrench into those plans. Despite his reputation Jameis Winston is a talented QB and being behind Brees with Sean Payton’s guidance have done wonders for him. Taysom Hill will be getting the start this week though, which will make things very interesting & the unknown of what to expect from a primarily Option & Wildcat QB so far in his NFL career.

Much like they did last year when Teddy Bridgewater had to step in for Drew, the Saints shouldn't miss a beat here and get the win at home against Atlanta, as much as this pick hurts the heart of Brandon's inner Dirty Bird fandom. Expect another shootout in the next chapter of this exciting NFC South rivalry with 2 high octane offensive teams.

CIN vs WAS (2.0)

Miklos: CIN Over 46.5

Brandon: CIN Under 46.5

- What a "barn burner" of a game this is going to be! Despite that and although they may be in the bottom half of the league both of these teams have bright futures and they both have had flashes of positivity. Joe Burrow is going to be the IT factor in this game and the Bengals will come away with the win.

MIA (3.0) vs DEN

Miklos: MIA Over 45.0

Brandon: MIA Under 45.0

- Tua’s first trip to Mile High is going to potentially be a bigger battle against mother nature than the depleted Broncos. Denver has been struggling all year and its not going to be any better this week against the red hot Dolphins. Tua remains undefeated and cruises past the Broncos on route to Week 12.

NYJ vs LAC (8.5)

Miklos: LAC Over 47.0

Brandon: LAC Under 47.0

- It is the battle of heart breaking losses. On the one had you have the Jets who have come tantalizingly close in recent weeks to getting their first win of the season and are coming off a bye. On the other you have the Chargers who seem to invent a new way how to lose every single week.

Something has got to give! Looking at Herbert to bounce back from a rough performance against the Dolphins and lay waste to the hapless Jets. Yes looking at the Chargers to actually cover, just looking to get hurt.

GB vs IND (2.5)

Miklos: GB Over 51.5

Brandon: GB Over 51.5

- Last week was a bit of hiccup for Green Bay just edging out the Jaguars. But good teams do what good teams do and that is to come away with the win. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Yes, the Colts have been really coming on lately but hopefully Green Bay rises to that challenge here.

With Indianapolis being favoured this is an easy pick. Aaron Rodgers and Co. take care of business in Lucas Oil Stadium.

DAL vs MIN (7.5)

Miklos: DAL Over 47.5

Brandon: MIN Over 47.5

- Don’t trust either of these teams but Dallas is coming off the bye with Andy Dalton potentially back healthy. They also gave the undefeated Steelers a run for their money with their 8th string QB. 7.5 is just way too rich for a Minnesota team that barely put the struggling Bears away.

KC (7.0) vs LV

Miklos: KC over 57.5

Brandon: KC Over 57.5

- Revenge is a dish best served cold and I think it will be on the menu in the desert on Sunday Night. The only blemish on the defending champions has come against my Las Vegas Raiders and the Chiefs are going to be looking to even the score. It is a tall order to beat any team in the NFL twice in one season let alone a team as prolific and dangerous as the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite the fact that the Raiders are playing at home, the indoor environment will favour the dynamic Chiefs and although it hurts Miklos' Silver & Black heart to say the defending champs even the series in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


LAR vs TB (3.0)

Miklos: LAR over 47.0

Brandon: TB over 47.0

- Looking for this Monday Night game to an upset. As mentioned, the Rams are the most underrated team in the NFL (in our opinion) and think they are going to shock Tom Brady and the Bucs in prime time.

While they have all the weapon’s in the world we have seen the Bucs be susceptible to losing against good teams (see the Saints). The Rams have an incredible defence headed by Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey and their offense is no slouch either.


4 Takeaways from Week 10

by Miklos McMaster

Photo Credit: Getty Images

1. The Miami Dolphins resurgence & "Tua Time!"

The battle for the AFC East just got a lot spicier. After the third victory in a row by the Dolphins, who are undefeated since Tua took over the starting job, and the heartbreaking loss by the Bills to Arizona the Dolphins now are only a half game back of the Bills with a game in hand. Both teams have a relatively easy schedule remaining. The Bills biggest tests being the still undefeated Steelers in week 14 and a rematch against Patriots in week 16. The Dolphins biggest remaining games are the Chiefs in week 14 and the Raiders in week 16.

I know the Dolphins play the Patriots week 15 but the game is in Miami and with those familiar with the Patriots will know weird things happen to them in Miami. On the other hand the Bills have to go to Foxborough in December when the weather is likely to be brutal and the where the Patriots are always difficult to beat.

All this could mean that both teams could have a tie record going into their rematch in week 17, a game which will definitely be the game of the week and have huge playoff implications across the entire AFC.

Bottom line is the AFC East is bringing us some exciting competitive football in a way that we have not seen out of that division in decades. Buckle up its going to be an exciting ride!

2. Are the Patriots still not finished yet?

Speaking of the AFC East the Patriots just reminded everyone that you can’t bury them just yet. They have had their struggles to be sure and they have an injury list longer than almost any team in the league but they are still a team coached and managed by one of the greatest minds this game has ever seen and he proved it again on Sunday night.

The Patriots victory over the Ravens, who I know have their own injury problems right now especially on the offensive line, was a statement to the league that Bill Belichick still has what it takes to ruin your day no matter who suits up for him. Granted this still may be the high water mark for the Patriots this season but it is definitely a warning of things to come as they retool and reshape that roster in the post Brady and eventually post Covid era.

3. The NFC West is not to be messed with.

Shifting things to the NFC West and what a wild division that has been. I mentioned earlier in the year that I thought DK Metcalf and Russel Wilson were the best QB-WR tandem in the NFL but I think after the past few weeks that title needs to be shifted to Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins. Hop is proving week in and week out that he is the best wide receiver in the game. His catch radius is unlimited and he is nigh on uncoverable. Murray is electric in his own right and is making a very strong case for MVP of the league.

Arizona keeps winning big games in exciting ways and the Seahawks keep losing games we expect them to win. The turnovers by Russel Wilson and the fact that DK can be essentially erased by a top corner, as he was by Jalen Ramsey this past Sunday, are both points of concern for Seattle and they are in danger of being on the outside looking in on the playoffs. Quick side note: The Rams might be the most underrated team in the league right now and the most dangerous team that no one is talking about. Don’t be surprised if they finish the season as one of the top teams in the NFC.

4. Is it time for Colin Kaepernick to finally get another shot in the NFL?

My final point, after watching the very rough game that was Monday Football this week, is how on earth does Colin Kaepernick not have a job! I know this is a controversial issue and it is something that has not been brought up in a while, but I think it bears bringing up again. Between the herd of mediocre to downright garbage QB’s in the NFC east to the pair of QB’s we saw on Monday night it is unbelievable to me that no team is willing to take the potential fan backlash for the chance to win games.

Kaepernick is so much better than all the QB’s on any of the teams I just mentioned combined it is an insult to him mention them all in the same sentence. If there was ever a time to take the chance it is definitely now. Zero to minimal fans are allowed to games anyway, public opinion is softer now and may have even shifted in Kaepernick’s favor, and finally, and most importantly in the NFL, once the W’s come rolling in that’s all anyone will care about. Imagine the Cowboys, Vikings, or Bears with Kaepernick under center. They go from middling potential wildcard teams to serious playoff threats overnight. Maybe its just me but I think that’s worth it.

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