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Some Things Are Bigger Than Winning- Bills Forever

Written by: Alex James

Photo Credit: AP/Reed Hoffmann

Words will never express the rollercoaster of emotions Buffalo Bills fans felt on Sunday night. There were highs, lows, surprises and met expectations which caused a whirlwind of emotions that most sports fans may only experience on 1 or 2 occasions. The best way for describing it would be to assume you've won the lottery, only to double check your numbers and see you've made an error which leaves you with nothing. This was the feeling falling short to the Kansas Chiefs in overtime and ultimately leading to an early exit from this 2021-2022 postseason .

For Buffalo & Bills Mafia across the world, this team means more than winning the lottery, and being apart of this culture is a way of life. We feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows alongside the players of this team and wouldn't have it any other way. We live, breathe & fight for the Buffalo Bills, and anyone assuming this is an exaggeration only needs to experience one home game at Highmark stadium for their opinion to change.

And how about Josh Allen? An absolute baller & face of this franchise who plays with his heart on his sleeve and a chip on his shoulder leaving everything on the field. He fits and represents a Buffalonian perfectly and we cannot have asked for a better player to lead this franchise in the coming years to the promise land. He did everything right on Sunday night and still fell short, which hurts us Bills fans even more seeing someone leave it all on the field and not get an opportunity to showcase himself in overtime and go for the win.

Then there's sophomore Gabe Davis who stepped up and had 4 touchdown receptions on the night and is another bright light for the future of this team. Our defence was ranked #1 all year, and while they didn't get it done tonight they put in an incredible season and should be proud of their accomplishments. Every player did his job and in sports sometimes thats not enough; but that's also what makes it fun.

Most people may find it obnoxious to be this attached to a sports franchise over a "silly" game, and while heartbreak is guaranteed in this past time, I feel sorry for those who don't understand it. They clearly have never experienced 70,000 Bills fans going bananas on a cold December Sunday, or sticking by a team through decades of dark times. They don't understand sports tribalism, coming together as a united front and representing your team & city colors proudly no matter what. The Bills can go 0-16 and we would still be the loudest kids on the block because we love this team.

This loss stings and it might for a while, but do you know the best thing about this franchise and fanbase? We are resilient. We will lose a heartbreaking game but still show up in the late hours of the night in the thousands to welcome our team home & thank them for their efforts. We might get knocked down, but you damn bet we're putting on our work boots Monday morning and preserving through the day knowing this franchise allows us to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. We stick by each other during the tough times, and let me tell you, we WILL be triumphant together when that Super Bowl comes.

There is no better franchise I can imagine being apart of and for that i'm eternally grateful. I’ll leave you all with this, something preached by Marv Levy to his team & something to remember during tough times; “Fight on my men, Sir Andrew said. A little I’m hurt but not yet slain. I’ll just lie down and bleed a while, and then I’ll rise and fight again”.

We will be back

Circle the Wagons,

Alex James


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