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Two Kids From Brampton, Ontario faced off in SEC Matchup

Courtesy of Vols Wire

The annual Alabama versus Tennessee rivalry game took place over this past weekend. In this year’s contest there was an interesting matchup not many were talking about. Both Alabama and Tennessee had a kid playing from Brampton, Ontario playing, and they showed out too.

Alabama featured sophomore wide receiver John Metchie III. Metchie actually ended up leading all Alabama receivers with 7 catches for 151 yards. He wasn’t able to put one in the endzone, but his performance helped propel Alabama to a commanding victory. So far for the season he has 21 catches for 499 yards, including 3 touchdowns.

On the other side for Tennessee, they have senior receiver Josh Palmer. Palmer is easily the more established receiver in the SEC, and despite Tennessee getting blown out, he still had a solid game. He finished with 4 catches for 57 yards and tacked on a touchdown, as well. Tennessee hasn’t been all that exciting to watch this year, but the senior from Brampton is one of the few bright spots on that team.

Both of these kids went to the states to play high school football, but they still claim Brampton as their hometown. In fact, CBS even had a graphic talking about them being from the same city growing up during the game.

Well, if you needed an excuse to get a little more into college football, now you have two of them!

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