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Week 4 Picks & Analysis - 2021 NFL Season

By Miklos McMaster

Edited By Brandon Caputo

Photo Credit: CHARLES KRUPA Associated Press

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Kansas City Chiefs (7.0) vs Philadelphia Eagles

Over/Under 54.5

Kansas City over 54.5

What is wrong in Kansas City? Many people are raising concerns and even some panic alarms after the Chiefs have started off the season 1-2. ultimately I don't think that there is anything to worry about and the Chiefs are just as good as they've always been. The start of their season just goes to show you how narrow the margin is for error in the NFL. A couple of mistakes can bury any team and make no mistake it could bury the Chiefs this week if they continue turning the ball over. I don't believe that will be the case though an after being dismantled by Dallas on Monday Night Football it looks like the Eagles are in for another shellacking.

Video Courtesy of Beast Sports via CBS Sports

New York Giants vs New Orleans Saints (7.5)

Over/Under 42.0

New Orleans over 42.0

Things appear to be going off the rails in New York City. This may not be so surprising for the Jets, but it is surprising how poorly the giants have started. The Big Blue wrecking crew have looked brutal through the first three weeks of the season. On the other hand, outside of a surprising loss to the Carolina Panthers the scenes have looked incredible. They're back home now for the first time since Hurricane Ida. What better way to begin the rebuild and healing of the city than by a dominant win over the struggling football Giants team.

Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills (16.5)

Over/Under 47.0

Buffalo over 47.0

After starting the season in a promising fashion Houston is starting to look like the team we expected them to be at the beginning of the year. This has a lot to do with the injury to Tyrod Taylor who is still unavailable this week. The Bills on the other hand have overcome their stumble against the Steelers early on and have started looking like the contender we expected them to be. As indicated by the spread this should be a cakewalk for the Bills and another stepping stone towards another deep playoff drive.

Graphic & Statistics courtesy of

Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys (4.5)

Over/Under 50.5

Dallas over 50.5

This is one of the more intriguing matchups on Sunday. Dallas just came off of an impressive win over the Eagles and have been looking every bit the contender that their fans have claimed they are for the past couple of years. Dak and the offense looked unstoppable an unlike last year their defense has looked extremely stout as well. this week however they have one of the surprise teams of the year coming to their house. Sam Darnold in the Carolina Panthers or undefeated to start the year and have looked impressive every week.

Darnold has found the talent that made him a first overall pick out of USC and has matched it with a stingy defense that Panthers teams in the past have been known for. This is a major test for both teams and could be a deciding factor and how the rest of their seasons go. This game could be tight but I give a slight edge to Dallas based on how impressive their offense has been.

Video Courtesy of TakeOffTV via ESPN

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears (2.0)

Over/Under 42.0

Detroit over 42.0

The Detroit Lions are the best 0-3 team in the NFL. While it hasn't shown in the win column just yet they have been a very exciting team to watch an have been very competitive in every game they've played. They were beating the Packers after one half of football an it took the Ravens the longest field goal in NFL history to come away with a win. Now Dan Campbell and company would say that moral victories don't count for anything but they should get rewarded this week.

The Bears appear without direction as they don't know which quarterback they want to commit to. They also don't have an offensive line that is capable of stopping any kind of pass rush. A loss at home to the Detroit Lions should put Matt Nagy and the rest of the staff seriously on the hot seat.

Cleveland Browns (2.0) vs Minnesota Vikings

Over/Under 51.5

Minnesota over 51.5

Another intriguing matchup this Sunday between the Browns and the Vikings. Well, maybe not doing it in as dominant a fashion every week the Browns have still been impressive. This past week they showed how unbelievable their defense can be by sacking Justin Fields nine times. While they are often struggled initially against the Bears defense they eventually found their footing and show that they can run it down anyone's throat.

The Vikings as well are fresh off of a very impressive victory over the Seattle Seahawks and are looking to be the team that dethrones Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Given that they are at home this could be another opportunity for an impressive win out of the Vikings and a step towards claiming the NFC north crown.

Video Courtesy of K1FORMVP via FOX Sports

Indianapolis Colts vs Miami Dolphins (2.0)

Over/Under 50.5

Miami under 50.5

Both of these teams have started off the season a little bit worse than expected. Granted this has a lot to do with injuries to their starting quarterbacks, but nevertheless I think people expected more out of both of them. The Colts have particularly underperformed starting off the season 0-3. the Dolphins on the other hand were a couple of plays away from stealing a victory from the Raiders in Las Vegas. The Dolphins are definitely the better team and should get the victory this week.

Tennessee Titans (7.0) vs New York Jets

Over/Under 51.5

Tennessee under 51.5

Poor Robert Saleh and the Jets are not getting any respite as they welcome Derrick Henry and the Titans to town. The Jets have now gone two full games without scoring a touchdown and this week might make it 3. Derrick Henry could easily rush for 300 yards in this game as the Titans get an opportunity to really get rolling on what should be an easy victory despite star wideouts Julio Jones & AJ Brown being inactive.

Video Courtesy of Jabberjaw TV via NFL Redzone

Washington Football Team (1.5) vs Atlanta Falcons

Over/Under 47.5

Atlanta under 47.5

After a surprising victory against the giants, Arthur Smith and the Falcons get an opportunity to make it back to back against NFC East teams. The Washington football team has struggled since losing Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1. In fact, their only victory came against the hapless Giants as well. I certainly don't have as much faith in Washington’s defense as I did at the beginning of the season and I think Arthur Smith might just be hitting his groove after that win last week. With the Falcons at home I like them to come away with their second win of the season here.

Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams (5.5)

Over/Under 55.0

LA Rams over 55.0

This is a huge NFC West matchup in Los Angeles this week. The Rams are coming off a statement win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showing that they are the team to beat in the NFC. Arizona has also started off the season in impressive fashion and really look like they have taken the next step in their development towards becoming a top team in the NFL. I think this game will have a lot of fireworks and will likely be high scoring. However, if the Rams continue to play the way they did last week I don't know who is going to beat them.

Standings provided by

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers (3.0)

Over/Under 52.0

San Francisco over 52.0

Another NFC West match up and both of these teams are coming off of shocking losses. Seattle in their beat down by Minnesota and San Francisco in their shocking game winning field goal loss to Green Bay. Through the first three weeks of the season I think it's safe to say that San Francisco has been the more consistent team. The Seahawks on the other hand appear that they may have regressed and may struggle this year. Given this I think it's safe to say bad San Francisco will come out on top and round one of their divisional matchup.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers (6.5)

Over/Under 45.5

Green Bay over 45.5

It appears that Pittsburgh’s window of opportunity with Ben Roethlisberger has finally closed. Outside of their victory over the Bills in week one the Steelers have looked overmatched and undermanned. Of course numerous injuries to their defense do not help the situation but Big Ben looks like a shadow of his former self and nowhere near the top tier quarterback that we're used to seeing for the black and gold. Green Bay on the other hand appears to be right back on track since there shocking defeat by the Saints in Week 1.

Aaron Rodgers is back on MVP form and the rest of the Packers are rolling with him. It's looking like a beatdown is going to happen in Lambeau this week.

Video Courtesy of jcresells559

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos (1.5)

Over/Under 45.0

Denver under 45.0

This matchup in Mile High is looking to be very interesting given how dominant the Denver Broncos have looked through three weeks of the season. The Ravens have shown flashes of being the team we expect them to be but also just barely came away with a victory against the winless Lions. Vic Fangio Has a rock solid defense and now a capable and steady offense in the hands of Teddy Bridgewater. I'm predicting the Ravens to have their second loss of the season against an AFC West team and amazingly neither of them are the Chiefs, who they beat earlier in the year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7.0) vs New England Patriots

Over/Under 49.0

Tampa Bay under 49.0

This is the matchup everyone has been talking about since the schedule first got released. Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick and Brady’s return to Foxborough. The storylines and intrigue couldn’t be higher! However, I don’t think it is likely to be a close game. Yes Bill will throw some curveballs at Brady and he may struggle early on but eventually the Bucs greater talent will prevail. I also don’t believe Mac Jones and the offense has what it takes to beat a defense that is looking to bounce back from a surprise loss to the Rams last week.

Video Credit:



Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers (3.0)

Over/Under 52.5

LA Chargers over 52.5

This is a massive Monday Night Football match up between AFC West division rivals. The Chargers are fresh off of a massive win over the Chiefs and the Raiders pulled out yet another thriller against the Miami Dolphins. Just like the first 3 weeks of there season I think will be another crazy one for my Raiders. With the Charges being at home in their brand new stadium I unfortunately think they may come out on top in this one.

Especially as the Raiders continue to struggle to establish the run game without Josh Jacobs.

Standings provided by

Miklos' most confident picks of the week

Gold Pick: Tennessee over NY Jets

Silver Pick: Tampa Bay over New England

Bronze Pick: Kansas City over Philadelphia

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