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We are a Sports Network delivered By Sports Fans, For Sports Fans

that strives to bring you knowledgable podcast coverage, written articles, & content of all major North American Sports that matter most to those in the Niagara Region. 

Dog Pound Podcast

Niagara Ice Dogs weekly game recaps/analysis, post-game audio, interviews, team news, & Ice Dogs alumni NHL updates.

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt,

Andrew Thompson (Drew Dekes)

Straight To The Extra Point

NFL weekly game recaps/predictions, division previews, fantasy football discussions, betting odds, NFL draft & free agency coverage. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Miklos McMaster

Ballin' In The 6ix 

NBA season previews, analysis, discussions, betting odds, free agency & draft coverage. 

Toronto Raptors insight from NBA News Editor for The Score: Chicco Nacion. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Chicco Nacion

Straight To The Extra Point:
Alma Mater

NCAA Football weekly game recaps/picks, betting odds, Conference previews, AP Top 25 reactions, college recruitment &

NFL Declaration.  

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Treigh Patterson

Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Sabres Edition
Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Leafs Edition

Buffalo Sabres weekly recaps/analysis, post-game audio, team news, rumours, & historical discussions.

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Austin Broad

Toronto Maple Leafs game recap/analysis, team discussion, rumours, & plenty of entertaining  banter from an outsiders perspective. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Andrew Thompson (Drew Dekes), Kyle Akitt

Full Count

Weekly fun MLB discussions during the baseball season, analysis, & in-depth look at the Toronto Blue Jays organization. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Reece Doumani,

Colin Ward

Under Review

Live coverage of the NHL Draft, Free Agency, & Trade Deadline Day, discussions on League Wide news, Playoff predictions/analysis, Season Previews. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt

Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Team Canada Edition

Hockey Canada related news, discussions, & analysis of tournaments like the World Juniors, Winter Olympics,

World Championships, & World Cup.


Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt, 

Andrew Thompson (Drew Dekes),

Colin Ward

Niagara Athlete Spotlight

In the newest series on the Network, we will be interviewing & showcasing athletes from the Niagara Region who have gone on to play at high levels of their respective sports.

Host: Brandon Caputo

From The Bunker

PGA Major Tournament previews, betting odds, predictions, analysis, & golf updates.

Host: Brandon Caputo

Niagara Wrestling Observer

A podcast that discusses trending topics in the world of professional wrestling, with a comedy twist.

Hosts: Kyle Masters, Corporate Cappy

Past Guest Audio Appearances 

Akil Thomas
Joey Burke
Adam Dickson
Pano Fimis
Jake Uberti
Nick Robertson
Billy Burke
Steve Clark
Cam Butler
Mason Howard
Harry McMaster
Matej Pekar
Rod Mawhood
Carl Greco
Landon Cato
Cam Snow

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