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We are a Sports Network delivered By Sports Fans, For Sports Fans

that strives to bring you knowledgable podcast coverage, written articles, & content of all major North American Sports that matter most to those in the Niagara Region. 

Dog Pound Podcast

Niagara Ice Dogs weekly game recaps/analysis, post-game audio, interviews, team news, & Ice Dogs alumni NHL updates.

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt

Straight To The Extra Point

NFL weekly game recaps/predictions, division previews, fantasy football discussions, betting odds, NFL draft & free agency coverage. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Miklos McMaster

Ballin' In The 6ix 

NBA season previews, analysis, discussions, betting odds, free agency & draft coverage. 

Toronto Raptors insight from NBA News Editor for The Score: Chicco Nacion. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Chicco Nacion

Straight To The Extra Point:
Alma Mater

NCAA Football weekly game recaps/picks, betting odds, Conference previews, AP Top 25 reactions, college recruitment &

NFL Declaration.  

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Treigh Patterson

Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Sabres Edition
Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Leafs Edition

Buffalo Sabres weekly recaps/analysis, post-game audio, team news, rumours, & historical discussions.

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Austin Broad

Toronto Maple Leafs game recap/analysis, team discussion, rumours, & plenty of entertaining  banter + sound clips.

Host: Kyle Akitt

Full Count

Weekly fun MLB discussions during the baseball season, analysis, & in-depth look at the Toronto Blue Jays organization. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Reece Doumani,

Colin Ward

Under Review

Live coverage of the NHL Draft, Free Agency, & Trade Deadline Day, discussions on League Wide news, Playoff predictions/analysis, Season Previews. 

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt

From The Bunker

PGA Major Tournament previews, betting odds, predictions, analysis, & golf updates.

Host: Brandon Caputo

Niagara Hockey Lowdown:
Team Canada Edition

Hockey Canada related news, discussions, & analysis of tournaments like the World Juniors, Winter Olympics,

World Championships, & World Cup.

Hosts: Brandon Caputo, Kyle Akitt,

Colin Ward

Niagara Athlete Spotlight

In the newest series on the Network, we will be interviewing & showcasing athletes from the Niagara Region who have gone on to play at high levels of their respective sports.

Host: Brandon Caputo

Niagara Wrestling Observer

A podcast that discusses trending topics in the world of professional wrestling, with a comedy twist.

Hosts: Kyle Masters, Corporate Cappy

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