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Another Wild Week in the NFL - Straight to the Extra Point

By: Matt Sanderson

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Hey is anyone else's fantasy football teams completely ruined for the season? I see those hands, don't worry this has been a wild year overall in the NFL and in fantasy football.

I have talked about so much parody and we see it more and more. So what stood out this week? For me it was the Eagles and 49ers suffering their first losses of the season. Let's see where they rank in my Hot Takes for this week.


Three things stood out to me over everything else this week. Let's take a look at them.

  1. Anthony Richardson Injury is no surprise

Sadly, it is unfortunate that Richardson will have season ending shoulder surgery but this is no surprise to me based on how he's played. Did he not listen to Trevor Lawrence to be smart when playing? Clearly not, so hopefully he'll come back stronger next year. In steps Gardner Minshew, the man with the best moustache in all of sports, to take over for the remainder of the season. He's get a lot he needs to figure out to get this team into the playoffs but I would not be surprised if he does it.

Let's hope Richardson can find that explosiveness next season with being safer on his body as well. Needless to say the colts have a big uphill battle ahead of themselves now.

2. The Detroit Lions are the real deal

So this is hard for me to admit due to me being a lifelong and diehard Green Bay Packers fan, but the Lions are looking damn good and you can't ignore it. Listen I was the worst critic against Jared Goff but he's shown in the right system he can be electrifying. Now despite the injuries on the team, Goff and the Offence are still clicking and there is a very good chance this team could go to 6-1 after this week.

To top it all off look at their defence, they are hard hitting, aggressive, daunting and Dan Campbell has this squad flying all over the place and it really is exciting to watch. It is still to be determined if they can win the division, if they can go deep in the playoffs but officially the Detroit Lions are here to play and it will be something Lions fans will never forget.

3. And then there were none...

I think this is the first time in many years where by week 7 in the NFL there is no undefeated teams. After the 49ers and the Eagles got knocked off their pedestal's last week it is now fair game for everyone. The Jets and the me two of the most unlikely teams to take down these squads despite their defences being good. But that's indeed what it was, the defences came up clutch when needed. So now for these teams its time to adjust, take the loss on the chin and move forward...but one of these two teams scares me more than the other.

The Eagles are a wild card to me. It is said that after a team gets to the Super Bowl the previous year, they struggle out of the gate the year after. For the Eagles, from their record, you wouldn't notice but from the personnel standpoint in their performance overall it is not the same team we saw last season. Jalen Hurts is still balling but not to the normal standard to which we're use to seeing. Now in the coming weeks their schedule gets much harder. This week they play Miami, then their next five opponents are Washington, Dallas, Kansas City, Buffalo and San Francisco. There is a chance if they do not get things correct they could be close to .500 by that time.

Finally the 49ers...the team only lost because Jake Moody missed a 41 yard field goal. But the Browns played well have to give them that. I think the 49ers will be fine but it's important to bounce back after after the fact.


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