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Highs & Lows of Week 3 - Straight to the Extra Point

By: Matt Sanderson

What can you say about the 2023 NFL season that hasn't already been said? It has been one action packed week after another, and Week 3 I feel has been the best of all. This week had everything, high scoring games,

One thing we can know for sure there were plenty of highs and plenty of lows this week. I will break down a handful of highs and lows for you.


High's & Low's

Miami Dolphins - High

Miami can be arguably touted as the new 'Greatest Show on Turf', what an exciting team they are! This past week they dropped a 70 point victory on the Denver Broncos. They were three points shy of creating NFL history with kicking a Field Goal would give them 73 points breaking the record from 1966 of 72 points. But class move by Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, just running the clock out and not going for history.

Through three weeks this Dolphins team has done nothing but excite people with their impressive play and they are doing it on both sides of the ball. Tua Tagovailoa is playing FANTASTIC and is finding not only his weapons on command but he is playing with so much confidence it is seeping through their play, it's infectious.

Bill's fans right now much be rolling their eyes being sick of all the talk of their division opponents, but that is going to be a legendary matchup this week coming up for week 4. Look out for the dolphins this season they will continue to turn some heads.

Denver Broncos - Low

Well, this Broncos team is 0-3, and were on the receiving end of that 70-20 beatdown. So, where do they Broncos go from here? I thought Sean Payton was supposed to come in and change the culture offence Sean but, I think this is getting into Hackett Territory, yes I went there. Bottom line is there has to be some kind of discipline here with this team, Denver has always has a winning culture yet this is another dismal season thus far.

They take on the Bears this week (the battle of two 0-3 teams) which has now turned into a must win game for the Broncos, if they fall to 0-4 it is almost assured their season is over. This should be an easier win for them going into a place of Solider Field where they're desperate for some kind of energy.

Buffalo Bills - High

For the second week in a row the Bills have dominated their opponent. 2-1 and second place in their division they take on the Dolphins this week. Buffalo needed their last two wins to right the ship. Now this will be the test to see what they're made of this season. As we talked about a few paragraphs ago, Miami is dominating everything and everyone and doing it with ease. This will be the biggest test of both of these teams' seasons thus far!

Josh Allen is looking good, and it appears that the Bills finally have a solid run game, something they have struggled to get for the last few years. James Cook has been leading the way and putting up some decent numbers to boot. However, it will all depend on which Josh Allen we see, the one trying to force the envelope and doing everything on his own or the dynamic leader who hits the clutch throws when need be.

Chicago Bears - Low

What if the Bears go 0-4? What is the next step? Clearly the coaching/leadership is not right, something does not add up here. I believe what Justin Fields said last week was true, he's being over coached and the organization is not letting him be himself. There's always been a discussion on how QB's thrive in their environments. Sometimes you just have flat out stars who can do it all, sometimes you have game managers but all of the QBs have on thing in common...they need to work in the proper system. In other words, the team needs to develop a system around them. I feel like currently the Bears have a system and want Fields to adapt to their style, which is the opposite of what I just mentioned.

However, maybe they have see something they don't like in Fields and if that's the case, the Bears will be at it again, looking for another QB to help them get past their rivals in the NFC North.

Green Bay Packers - High

The Packers come into Thursday night Football off the great come from behind victory in the 4th Quarter against the Saints on Sunday. Down 17-0 starting the 4th, Jordan Love led the charge to bring his team back. As a Packers fan I loved seeing this. A young naive kid just putting the team on his back and doing what needs to be done when it matters most. Love led the drive for a Field Goal, next a Touchdown that he ran in, then the two point conversion and finally setting up Romeo Doubs in the back of the end zone for a thrilling catch to take the lead and ultimately win the game.

Now they come into Thursday Night under the lights against the Detroit Lions, two teams who are 2-1. It should be a great battle for the NFC North lead. This will be a test for both these teams on who can be left standing early on in the season and have the high ground.

Dallas Cowboys - Low

If you're a Cowboys fan you should be ashamed! How do you let a team like Arizona who is all over the place hand you a loss like that?? Where was Micah Parson? Where was their Defence? Where was Dak? Nowhere to be seen. I wasn't high on Dallas from the get-go and I am even more now, not. The team is so inconsistent and I need to see more. Who am I to judge Dallas, though.


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