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Buffalo Bills Season Outlook - 2021 NFL Season

Writer: Alex James

Editor: Brandon Caputo

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The 2021-2022 Buffalo Bills Make Me Want to Shout!

Ladies & Gentleman, the beginning of the NFL season is almost upon us!

In the realm of social media, fanbases from 32 teams are discussing & disputing final roster cuts, unrealistic player comparisons & expectations, and how their team has a chance of becoming Super Bowl- LVI champions.

For the majority of my years as a Bills fan, my expectations entering a new season have been realistic, maybe even a little pessimistic, which as history shows was for good reason. However, these past few years have provided a new era in Bills football, a cultural shift which emerged when McDermott was appointed head coach, and Beane began his tenure as GM.

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Then God himself, gifted Western New York with the one and only Josh Allen. After last season, with Allen playing like an MVP caliber quarterback and breaking records, the Bills claiming the AFC East, and playing in the AFC Championship, Bills Mafia has again been given “real” hope and expectations for the future, replicating older fans with feelings felt during the early 90s. So here we are, entering a new season with the whole country on notice of the ***damn Buffalo Bills, a team with no real weakness or flaws, but many intimidating strengths.

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So what should we expect from Bills players this year? To start, if Josh Allen has the slightest improvement in decision-making and long ball accuracy, it will provide him every opportunity to continue breaking records and maintaining the winning culture here in Buffalo, while being feared across the league.

Next, Stefon Diggs again will be the number one weapon for Allen, and can easily put up 1300+ receiving yards if healthy. Two under-the-radar players that should be on watch for Bills fans are Gabe Davis & Devin Singletary.

Photo Credit: AP/Jeffrey T. Barnes

Davis established himself as having reliable hands and being a good red-zone receiver during his rookie year. If he gets more looks, he may have the opportunity to put up 1000+ receiving yards.

A healthy Singletary, in my opinion will provide the biggest impact in providing an outlet for Allen in shouldering the burden for this Bills offence.

If he can, the Bills become a scary dual-threat team and Singletary will put up at minimum 850+ all-purpose yards, with a 1000 yards not out of the question.

Photo Credit: Harry Scull Jr.

On defence, aside from our star players who will be the main focus of our success, there are two players I hope will offer some surprise. The first is Gregory Rousseau, and while Rousseau will likely being used in rotation, his ceiling is high. His size, speed and football IQ will allow him every opportunity to be impactful when on the field.

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The second, is Efe Obada, and while there is no guarantee he will be given opportunity to play week-in week-out, this man is an inspiration that all Bills fans will get behind once they learn more about his story.

If you haven’t heard about Obada’s tragic beginnings of early life and his perseverance in making the NFL coming from England, the story will humble you, and have you jumping on the Obada bandwagon.

It’s only a matter of time before Disney creates a biopic on his life, and what could possibly make his story that much more triumphant? A Super Bowl ring.


Season Predictions & Expectations

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When looking at the 17 game-schedule, a few game have most Bills fans “nervous”. For starters, the season opener against the Steelers is a game we wish was later in the year. In mid- October we play the Chiefs and Titans back-to-back; the Chiefs game could possibly be another showcase for this seasons AFC Championship game.

AFC Conference Standings 2020

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Then, the Titans; why a tough game? I don’t really know but playing them gives me this distasteful feeling. Maybe its the trauma of watching the “Music City Malarkey” as an 8 year-old which had me in tears for days.

But I hate playing the Titans. Finally, in mid-December we play the Buccaneers away, and for the first time since leaving the Patriots “he who will not be named”, so of course that will be fun.

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My regular season prediction is going to be a little pessimistic, which is to selfishly protect my own feelings and heartache if the worst happens come January. The Bills will finish the season 12-5, recording a second straight AFC East Title. I expect us to go 5-1 in the division (likely losing an away game at Miami or New England).

I truly believe if injuries are minimal and the team is united, this could be the year
Western New York sports fans receive the pride and jubilation they deserve.
So my expectation is this: someone have The Goo Goo Dolls on standby for the halftime
Super Bowl show because Bills Mafia will be there loud & proud.

Circle The Wagons,
Alex James
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